Starring: Rah Digga
Why it sucks: In 1960, William Castle’s Thirteen Ghosts scared the piss out of audiences with a handful of legitimately freaky scenes and a rather brilliant “Gotcha!” ending. It was inevitable that an inferior remake would one day surface, but no amount of preparation could’ve buffered nostalgic horror heads enough to withstand the miscalculation of this heinously acted re-imagining.

Queen Latifah must’ve either turned down the role or avoided producers’ requests, because somehow Rah Digga—Busta Rhymes’ B-level Flipmode Squad colleague—landed the part of “token sassy black chick.” On the mic, Digga spits better than most female MCs, yet that’s where her dominance over fellow estrogen packers ends. In her defense, Thirteen Ghosts would still reek without her, though she certainly didn’t help matters one bit.