Director: Jason Eisener
Stars: Rutger Hauer, Molly Dunsworth, Robb Wells
Release Date: May 6
Why we’re excited: Having seen Hobo With A Shotgun, we can confidently say this: It’s this summer’s goriest and most batshit insane movie. Meaning, we loved it.

Filmmakers aiming to recapture the retro feel of old exploitation films has become old hat at this point, though not many—save for T.I. West’s The House Of The Devil—have genuinely nailed the time-capsule aesthetic. That’s what’s so good about Hobo With A Shotgun; first-time director Jason Eisener’s wild flick manages to nod at trashy grindhouse cinema without forcing the issue. It doesn’t hurt that Rutger Hauer owns the titular role, keeping a straight face while totally selling intentionally hokey dialogue and getting drenched with buckets of blood.

Hobo With A Shotgun is also funny as hell. This summer’s biggest comedies have their work cut out for them: Hauer’s monologues about bears (told to a prostitute) and life (said in front of a hospital room full of newborn babies) set the bar for absurdist laughs quite high.

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