Director: Sion Sono
Stars: Maketo Ashikawa, Mitsuru Fukikoshia, Megumi Kagurazaka, Hikari Kajiwara
Release Date: July 6
Why we’re excited: Though they’ll be harder to locate than major studio efforts, this summer’s independent flicks show a ton of promise. One of the most intriguing of the lot is the Japanese serial killer gross-out Cold Fish, directed and co-written by the controversial Sion Sono (Suicide Club).

Cold Fish seems to be a unique spin on the age-old habitual murderer tale: A father becomes an unwitting accomplice to homicide after his troubled daughter begins to work for a fish store owner/serial killer, leading to more assisted slaughter. The word out of last year’s Venice Film Festival was predominantly positive, with critics singling out the film’s gallows humor and eye-scarring violence.

We’re always up for a well-made serial killer show, and Cold Fish shows all signs of being just that.