Director: Paul Feig
Stars: Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Rose Byrne, Ellie Kemper, Melissa McCarthy, Jon Hamm, Wendi McLendon-Covey
Release Date: May 13
Why we’re excited: Bridesmaids is a cinematic rarity: It’s a full-blown chick flick that’s also foolproof for the fellas.

So what does this Judd Apatow-produced comedy have that Sex And The City movies didn’t? For starters, how about Kristen Wiig, the Saturday Night Live standout who holds it down in her first leading role. She’s surrounded by an equally game supporting cast, namely a wonderfully cheeky Rose Byrne (Get Him To The Greek) and a Zach Galifianakis-like turn from heavyweight scene-stealer Melissa McCarthy.

Bridesmaids is being sold as a female version of The Hangover, which is nothing more than marketing laziness; it’s really Wiig’s moment under the sun, and she’s consistently funny. Expect Bridesmaids to cause more dates than Internet dating sites this May; if they know what’s good for them, women should flock to this one in droves. As a result, theaters should be crawling with singles in high spirits. Buy a ticket and hang around once the credits roll, guys; worst case scenario, you’ll catch one of the summer’s funniest movies.

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