Coming off of 1984’s hugely successful A Nightmare On Elm Street, Craven could’ve used his sudden hit-making clout to do just about anything in the horror genre. Apparently hoping to shit all over his good name, he took the low road and shot an unnecessary follow-up to his 1977 cult favorite The Hills Have Eyes, a sequel that few people wanted and even fewer folks paid to see.

Had more ticket-buyers filed into theaters to see The Hills Have Eyes 2, they’d have laughed in disbelief at Craven’s utter scarcity of imagination. Looking to write less and rehash more, he clutters the flick with flashback sequences comprised of footage from the ’77 original, most notably one for the surviving German Shepherd, Beast.

Yup, there’s a dog flashback, complete with the wavy editing transition later used in Wayne’s World's multiple ending sequence. We’ve heard of “screwing the pooch” before, but that’s just absurd.

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