4. MY SOUL TO TAKE (2010)

In theory, My Soul To Take should’ve been Craven’s mighty comeback blow, a wild mash-up of Scream's witty teen characters and the hallucinogenic shocks of A Nightmare On Elm Street. After a five-year hiatus following Scream 3, he certainly had plenty of time to work his original script into something of that caliber.

So what’d he come up with? A nonsensical slasher disaster about a serial killer’s spirit possessing a high school kid. Unfortunately, the evil spirit doesn’t hack all of the annoying youngsters up before two of them confusingly try to explain the movie for a good 10 minutes during the final act.

Released theatrically in non-existent 3D, My Soul To Take jerked audiences out of their extra cash with a blind dude reaching for a rope, a giant vulture that’s supposed to be a metaphor for mental instability, and a killer who looks like a homeless pro wrestler. On DVD, in less than three dimensions, it’s no less terrible. We’re all for new “directed by Wes Craven” flicks, but somebody please keep the guy away from word processors.

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