Prior to 1999, Craven had depicted gang rape, a mother being murdered in front of her baby by an inbred mongoloid, and Johnny Depp’s body getting sucked into a bed and spit back out as a blood geyser—pretty frightening stuff. That’s all child’s play compared to the director’s scariest contribution to cinema, however: “Music Of My Heart,” the N’Sync/Gloria Estefan theme song to his unexpected non-horror flick Music Of The Heart.

But here’s the worst part of all: That Total Request Live sure-shot was the film’s only original idea. Music Of The Heart is painfully conventional, stripping Craven of any directorial flair and relying on star Meryl Streep’s performance to punch up the rudimentary script. Streep plays an uptight (white) lady who starts up a music program in East Harlem to dissuade kids from illegal activities. So it’s a melodic Dangerous Minds, but with Lance Bass in Coolio’s place. Oh, the horror!

Music Of The Heart could’ve been worse, though; initially, Madonna, not Academy Award regular Streep, was set to star, but she dropped out due to “creative differences” with Craven. She might’ve watched Vampire In Brooklyn and thought, “Hey, wait a minute!”

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