10. J.L. HUNTER “RED” ROUNTREE (1911-2004)

Calling Card: He handed notes with the word "robbery" written on them to bank tellers.

Casualties: Rountree's robberies were non-violent.
Complex Says: While most people his age are in nursery homes mumbling to themselves and soiling their pants, Red Rountree was knocking off banks. Incredibly, Rountree robbed his first bank in 1998, when he was an elderly 86-years-old.

Compared to other bank robbers you’ll hear about, Rountree’s tactics were non-confrontational; he would simply slip the bank teller a piece of paper. The old man had no criminal tendencies in the past. In fact, Rountree was once a pretty successful businessman who saw his fortune go down in bad deals.

Even though we give him props for the sheer balls he had, we have to admit he wasn’t the most successful bank robber in the world. Each time he robbed a bank he got caught, and he was eventually sentenced to 12 years in a federal prison, where he died. However, he did come up with the best reasoning on why one should rob a bank: "It's fun. I feel good, awful good. I feel good for sometimes days, for sometimes hours." Trill shit right there, folks.