In 1938, Superman made his first appearance in the debut issue of Action Comics. Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, the Man of Steel was originally a crusader for social justice and his main adversaries were typically corrupt landlords and politicians.

Over the decades, the big blue boy scout has made the jump from a pulp hero fighting faceless corruption to a full fledged pop culture icon with a rogues gallery that stands out in the world of comics. Even though his powers and stories may have changed over the years, the one constant throughout Superman’s career has been his starring role in Action Comics. Even at over 70 years old, the book is one of DC’s most popular and important.

With the release of Action Comics #900 (above) this Wednesday, Superman is finally returning to the series after his archvillain, Lex Luthor, became the main character of the book last year. In celebration of the series' nice round number, we’re counting down our list of The 10 Most Memorable Action Comics Covers!