Writer: Geoff Johns, Dave Gibbons, Peter Tomasi, Ron Marz, and Alan Burnett
Artist: Ethan Van Sciver and Ivan Reis

What it’s about: Geoff Johns’ first major Green Lantern story after he took over the character in Green Lantern: Rebirth was the Sinestro Corps War. Johns had changed Sinestro from a moustache twirling villain obsessed with pounding on Hal Jordan to a Hitler-esque wannabe dictator who planned on using fear as his greatest weapon.

Creating an army of Yellow Lantern wielding sociopaths, Sinestro attempts to destroy Oa (the Green Lantern home world) and invade Earth.

Why it's Earth shattering: The Sinestro Corps Wars introduced the DC Universe to new Lantern Corps that wielded a ring color that coincided with each emotion. The aftermath saw the birth of the Red (rage), Blue (hope), Orange (avarice), Violet (love), and Indigo (compassion) Lanterns, to go with the preexisting Yellow (fear) and Green (willpower) Corps. 

These events shaped 2009's Blackest Night and are still being felt in 2011's War of the Green Lanterns.