3. GOZU (2003)

Like the best of gonzo filmmaker David Lynch’s movies, Gozu isn’t about logic or plausibility—it’s a purposely bewildering exercise in psychosexual horror. And it’s also one of Miike’s wildest and creepiest flicks.

What starts off as a gangster Weekend At Bernie's quickly descends into a surrealist freakshow. Gozu follows a Yakuza criminal who whacks his boss, watches the dead boss stumble off into a strange town, and then has to find the walking corpse. On his journey, the protagonist meets a cross-dressing coffee shop owner, a minotaur, and an American who reads the Japanse dialogue straight from huge cue cards. Why? The hell if we know.

But that’s the magic of Gozu. While it’s discomforting and enigmatic, Miike’s trippy film drills its way into your head and challenges you to decipher its irrationalities.