From terrorizing teenagers at an abandoned summer camp to killing people in the middle of their dreams, the most memorable horror movie villains are so vile and frightening that generations of filmgoers have had a difficult time forgetting them. The image of Jason Voorhees’ hockey mask and Freddy Krueger’s razor tipped gloves are still ingrained in the minds of audiences even decades after their big screen debuts.

With this week’s release of Scream 4, the world will get yet another look at one of the preeminent horror movie villains ever, complete with the famous Ghostface mask and black cloak.

However, not all horror villains strike fear into the hearts of their victims. Between cheap makeup, asinine names, and amateurish costumes, some scary movie antagonists are less frightening than a box of kittens. So in honor of these failed attempts at creating terror icons, we bring to you the 10 Cheesiest Horror Movie Villains of All Time!

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