Frank Miller was on a crusade in the mid '80s to change everyone’s perception of Batman from a well adjusted vigilante to an obsessed loner with severe anger issues. The climax of his Bat renaissance was in the fourth issue of his magnum opus, The Dark Knight Returns. The titanic finale featured an elderly Batman duking it out with the government’s pet god, Superman.

While these two were usually good friends, Miller sought to end their relationship with this colossal showdown. Batman was viewed as the voice of the repressed population of Gotham while Superman represented the tyrannical government of this dystopian future.

With the help of a power suit and a kryptonite arrow, courtesy of the Green Arrow, the Man of Steel was actually defeated by the aging vigilante in pretty short order. The argument over who DC’s resident badass was had finally been put to rest. However, Batman suffered a heart attack soon afterwards and appeared to die.

But, of course, those who read the book know that this was all part of Batman’s grand plan to fake his death and train a team of vigilantes underground.