Conan O'Brien he's not. Charlie Sheen kicked off his nationwide tour in Detroit over the weekend—hilariously called "My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option"—and things got so bad that he was actually booed off the stage.

A mish-mash of taped segments on video, a terrible stand-up comedian named Kirk Fox, and Sheen's own rambling, fans left the show in droves and predicted that he wouldn't even make the next stop in Chicago. Ever the crafty mad man, however, Sheen proved them wrong yet again.

The tour stop in Chicago just one night later found Sheen doing an entirely different show; this time he was seated on stage taking interview questions about his life. He even sounded apologetic! "If they say 'Here's your job back,' I'll go back to work," he said of CBS and Two and a Half Men. "I think it's a great f*cking show." Not his bosses, though: "They didn't give a f*ck that I was hammered for eight years … money, ratings, money, ratings."

All of this begs the question: Why would anyone want to spend money to see Sheen on tour, when he's basically doing the same thing he did online for free last month? If you attended the show in Detroit over the weekend—and aren't too embarrassed to admit it—feel free to let us know.

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