Since Verizon Wireless acquired the iPhone 4 in February, Big Red has been touting its ability to be consistently used as a mobile phone. Sounds silly, right? Well, not if you're an iPhone 4 owner with AT&T wireless service. The promise of fewer dropped calls was enough to lure some customers over to the red side. 

But how much better, exactly, is Verizon's voice service? According to Changewave, an institutional research company, it's a lot better. 

The company has just released the results of a survey its started when the iPhone 4 hit Verizon stores. It found that AT&T iPhone 4 users experienced more than double the amount of dropped calls as iPhone 4 owners on Verizon Wireless. 

The public perception of AT&T's network not being up to snuff may affect future iPhone sales. The survey found that a majority of future iPhone buyers plan to purchase theirs with Verizon. 

[via Mac Rumors