A month after its release the iPad 2 is still harder to find than Jordan Bordeauxs. Despite shipping times falling to one to two weeks, many customers have been trying to get one sooner by going to local retailers. However, many are finding that finding the exact configuration they want is damn near impossible by roving through local stores. That's where the FindOne apps comes in. 

Using stock info from Target and Wal-Mart, FindOne lets users configure the iPad 2 they're looking for and tells where they can find that model. It also provides the stores contact information so they can confirm that they actually have the iPad 2 before they make the trek. 

For some reason, FindOne doesn't support Apple Stores, Best Buy, RadioShack, Toys R Us stores, though the developer says the last two will be supported in the future. 

The FindOne app is available now for free from the Apple App Store

Happy hunting. 

[via CNET