Sony made a splash in the tablet world today, announcing its first entries into the crowded market. The S1 and S2 (names subject to change) are expected to go on sale in the fall and comprise the company's all new Sony Tablet line.

Both tabs feature sleek, distinctive designs, which is not surprising given what Sony's done with its line of Bravia TVs and VAIO computers. The S1 is a 9.4 inch number with a peculiar curve around back that makes it look like a folded up magazine. It features front and rear cameras (no word yet on resolution), and a Tegra 2 processor.

The S2 is a cool little dual screen clamshell guy that evokes Nintendo's DS, but rounded. It's got two 5.5 inch screens and is also rocking dual cameras. Both the S1 and the S2 will be running Android Honeycomb with a modified, tile-based skin. They're also said to be shipping with Play Station integration and the ability to double as a remote control for various devices.

It goes without saying that the tablet sector is extremely crowded at this point, but the Sony team seems to be giving itself as much a shot at carving out its own consumer base as anyone with these two unique offerings. We'll let you know more as more info becomes available.


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