Although Sucker Punch miserably failed to add much thump to Emily Browning’s name value, her role in Julia Leigh’s Cannes Film Festival entry Sleeping Beauty might re-up some of that deteriorating morale.

Browning plays Lucy, a student who becomes an escort of high value. But instead of offering typical red-light district services, her job involves getting drugged up and having no recollection of what was done to her the next morning.

The film's first trailer is edited quite beautifully. The subtle yet authoritative voice of the madam, which lays out the guideline of what Browning’s character must endure, adds suspense that pairs well with the preview's enigmatic narrative presentation. We’re hoping Sleeping Beauty digs into the inner psyche of the protagonist, and exposes the thought process she went through for her decision.

We’re certain this will be the most praised role for Browning to date, though if Sleeping Beauty ultimately stinks, it could be an artsy Showgirls for the Australian actress. With Academy Award-winning filmmaker Jane Campion on board as a producer, though, Sleeping Beauty is of a high enough pedigree to instill optimism.