Price/Storage: Free, $6 (monthly, Plus), $9 (monthly, Anywhere); Unlimited


• Straightforward and advanced UI: A standout taskbar and a big search box make standard functionality even simpler. Plus there's the ability to drag and drop music selections into your playlist like iTunes. The service also restores tracks after you log out or the app crashes.

Social media connectivity: Save and embed singles or playlists on other websites, blogs, and social media networks using the GrooveShark widget. Also share playlists with friends.

• Performance value: Grooveshark does a great job maintaining an error-free stream experience, providing fast uploads and good sound quality as well.


• Small music catalog: Grooveshark’s music library is smaller than some of the other cloud services with about 7 million songs, but it’s steadily increasing.

• No iPhone App: Apple removed it from App Store, but users can still download it for Android, BlackBerry, Palm and Nokia devices.

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