Attack The Block, an alien invasion action-comedy from English writer-director Joe Cornish, has been receiving nothing but positive reviews since its recent SXSW debut, yet Cornish and his film left the festival without U.S. distributor. Patience has paid off, however, with the announcement that Screen Gems will back the film's release in the States.

Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions actually picked up the title with Screen Gems as the distributor. The film, which won the Midnight Feature Audience Award at SXSW, tells the story of a gang of tough inner-city kids in South London who battle extraterrestrial invaders. Not the wildest concept, but one look at the film's wicked trailer (which can be seen below) is all that's needed to generate excitement. 

The sci-fi comedy-action film is scheduled for U.K. release in May. We'll keep you posted on when it crosses the pond and lands in the U.S.

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