It's been a big day for declassified mid-century space documents.

Ahead of the 50th anniversary of manned space flight on April 12, Russia has released some secret documents that include a conversation between Yuri Gagarin and his mission control. They don't make him seem all that heroic.

"There in the flap you have dinner, supper and breakfast," the father of the Soviet rocket programme told Gagarin by radio as the clock ticked down.

"Got it," Gagarin replied in comments originally posted on the website.

"You've got sausage, candy and jam to go with the tea," Korolyov went on. "Sixty-three pieces -- you'll get fat! When you get back today, eat everything right away."

Gagarin joked back: "The main thing is that there is sausage -- to go with the moonshine."

Korolyov appeared to take the joke in stride.

"Damn. This thing is recording everything, the bastard," the scientist said in reference to the relay recorders.

Also today, the Huffington Post points to a newly available cache of FBI documents that includes the so-called Hottel Memo, claimed by some to be proof that the U.S. government has made contact with aliens. But HuffPo concludes with the buzz-killing International Business Times, which claims the memo is still bunk.

Several news outlets have reported the memo as "proof" that the government knew about crashes of alien spacecraft in Roswell. But not only does the memo say no such thing, it isn't even connected to the town of Roswell.

[Via Agence France-Press/Yahoo News, Huffington Post]

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