Famous with locals and pleasantly out of the glare of South Beach, Garcia’s has been serving up seafood on the Miami River since 1966. Things in Miami were a little different back then, but the fish is still fresh and the grouper sandwich is still the go to option. You can get the grouper sandwich grilled, fried, or blackened if you want, but if you’re going to order a fine piece fish that’s chronically endangered and highly unsustainable, you might as well be able to taste it, so we advise against blackened.

For a more ocean friendly alternative, get the dolphin. Seriously. It’s fish, mahi mahi, not the mammal.

Sit on the outdoor patio that overlooks the river and order a side (comes with the sandwich). In the photo above you'll see a small Caesar salad, but we recommend getting the yellow rice and beans. After you order, they’ll bring you some great smoked fish dip with saltines to snack on as you watch the boats go by, get a little sun, or just stare at the fish mural. The sandwich itself comes on a sesame seed roll with some iceberg lettuce, not a lot of fanfare, but a light, simple, and reasonably priced lunch in a city that is usually none of those things. Catch your breath and eat up.

Grilled Grouper ($9.95 with side)
Garcia's Seafood Grille & Fish Market
398 NW North River Dr, Miami

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