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Truth be told, most people don't need Adobe Photoshop. There a number of free programs, some even cloud-based, that will allow you to resize images and do some light editing. Few people need, or can afford, to drop $700 on the full Photoshop program. Adobe realizes this. To help, the company has introduced a new pricing plan that would allow customers to rent its programs

The new plan would allow customers to pay $50/month to rent Photoshop, Indesign, and Flash; $29/month for Dreamweaver, and $75 for its video editing program After Effects. Adobe will allow also customers to rent software for the entire year. 

Renting software won't make sense for everyone. If you're a freelancer and your job depends on Photoshop, it would make sense for you to just save up and drop the $700. But if, say, you're working on a short-term project that calls for Photoshop use, spending $50 a month, rather than buying the program outright (or downloading an illegal copy), may be the way to go. 

Check out all the prices and links to rent here

[via Crunch Gear