After Bulletstorm's inventive multiplayer modes, it seems like shooters have been taking pains to push the envelope for their own forays into the MP arena. Now, two multiplayer modes have been revealed by id Software for its upcoming post-apocalyptic shooter, Rage. Combat Rally is a 6-player vehicle combat mode where players try to shoot each other and reach checkpoints scattered around the map. The checkpoints are non-linear and grant score multipliers to the first players to reach them.

The other mode, Legends of the Wasteland, are cooperative missions for two players based on stories mentioned in the single-player campaign. So far, eight of these cooperative missions are planned for Rage.  Both modes are a nice step away from your standard territory-control battles or deathmatches—taking them into account along with the lengthy single-player campaign id has promised, we could be in for a special treat come September. [via Eurogamer]