The High Museum of Art

1280 Peachtree St, N.E.
Atlanta, Ga. 30309

Pill: “A lot of tourists come there but a lot of Atlanta natives don’t partake in those types of activities. I’m one of the ones that take advantage of it because I’m a student of the arts. I loved to paint and draw when I was a kid. A place like the High Museum is always gonna be overlooked by an inner city kid, coming from the projects. But I went there as a kid and I went there just last year. It’s great place to get anything from the Titian paintings of the 16th century and the Salvador Dalí paintings. I went to see the Dalí exhibit for my birthday.

“[My favorite piece was] the Dalí painting, the most famous painting they got, [“The Persistence of Memory”] with the clocks melting. It was like the definition within that, how he did that with like—that shit is crazy. And the piece with the horses, riding to the heavens. And it’s like a big horse and it’s like the legs and stuff. So any pieces of his. He’s one of my favorite artists. And I know he was good friends with Andy Warhol as well. When you have a place like the High Museum of Art, you have to visit that place.

“I was always taught to be different, to think outside the box and reach and always try new things. That’s why I took up French instead of Spanish and I speak French fluently. That’s why I studied film as a kid, that’s why I did poetry. I was so troubled as a youth because my momma was on dope and I didn’t have no dad so they had to make me involved with everything.

“I have a firm understanding of post-modernism. But it’s been played out so much to where everybody is doing it and that’s the path to doom. I was more of a fan of the Renaissance. They were great while they were living, versus a Picasso or a Rembrandt who didn’t get famous until after they died. Dalí was able to open up museums of art in Spain and all across, really world-renowned for his works of art and his pictures—that’s amazing to me.

“I’ve written a whole lot about nothing but paintings before but I never put it out because it wasn’t the right time. So if I come out with it now, they’ll be like, ‘Oh, he’s just doing it cause such-and-such.’ But it’s like, ‘Nah, this shit is dated.’ This was years ago. I could take a picture of a page and let people read them lyrics. I probably won’t even spit that shit because it’s been done. I did that a long time ago.”