Walter's Shoes and Clothing

66 Decatur St
Atlanta, Ga. 30303

Pill: “That’s the most famous shoe and clothing store in Atlanta. That’s where all the rappers and the b-boys shop. Anybody who’s anybody in the city goes to Walter’s. It’s been in existence for over 40 years. [I’ve been going there] since I was a kid. They sell shoes, clothes, jeans. Anything you could possibly name, they got it. All the latest trends.

“My mom used to take me—may she rest in peace; she passed away in ’07—and I just remember being so excited. My brothers—they were older—they got to go downtown. Then my momma finally took me and got me my first name-brand pair of shoes. I think they were British Knights, the snakeskin print ones with the diamond on the side.”