Before we concur what other critics had to say about this trainwreck, let us praise Passion Play’s star power, which is probably the sole reason why Image Entertainment decided to even release the film in theaters before letting it go to DVD.

With that said, we’ll admit, this film looks perplexingly bad.

Mickey Rourke plays a jazz trumpet player who hasn’t had much luck stumbling around the desert, until he meets a drop-dead gorgeous bird woman at a circus played by Megan Fox. The two soon engage in cringe-inducing activities and decide to run away (not on some Kanye West shit), but then a vicious businessman (played by Bill Murray) stops them.

Does the idea of casting Rourke as a jazz musician leave you as confused as we are? Plus, Murray’s role as a mobster looks more awkward than Fox’s unimposing acting. And you have to wonder why a hottie with Fox's looks would get herself caught in the middle of a Rourke/Murray love triangle. 

Mitch Glazer, who wrote and directed the film, seems to lack any flair as a filmmaker, and we’re guessing homie won’t sit behind a director’s seat for a long time. But who knows? There might be some people out there who actually like seeing such made-for-TV-type flicks. If you’re one of them, check it out in theaters on May 6 before it hits DVD shelves on May 31.