Probably the last time you went upside someone's head with a pillow you were in pajamas, keyed up on soda and sweets at a sleep-over. Remember the good weight of the pillow in your hand, the satisfying thwack when the pillow connected with some poor sonofabitch's head, the look of surprise if you caught them unaware?

Now you're grown and trapped in a world where it is no longer acceptable to wield bedtime items as weapons. Then, hope arrives in the form of Pillow Fight Day. This Saturday, you're actually encouraged to beat someone with a pillow.

Yes, there are rules. You are not, for instance, encouraged to swing hard. You are not to bring a feather pillow because of the potential mess. You are not to wear glasses. But what's it matter? At the end of the day, you're supposed to hit other humans with a pillow. Isn't that what it's all about? Last year 5,000 participated. Go forth—descend upon Union Square and wreak some soft havoc.

Pillow Fight NYC 2011
Saturday, April 2
3 p.m.
Union Square
East 14 St and Broadway