NBC's Law & Order: Criminal Intent is planning on entering the superhero business.

No, Vincent D'Onofrio won't sport tights and a cape to fight crime, but, as as TV Line reports, an upcoming episode will clearly be inspired by the debacle in New York City known as Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. What if one of the many incidents of actors getting injured on the off-Broadway play had a tragic outcome? The show plans on exploring such a dark twist in a fictional version of the musical titled Icarus.

This is the latest episode of the Dick Wolf-created series featuring a ripped-from-the-headlines story for its latest season. Criminal Intent also will air an episode guest starring Jay Mohr (Gary Unmarried) as a Charlie Sheen-like wild man.

Julie Taymor (the expelled director of the play) will catch a really bad one as her Criminal Intent counterpart is described as "high-strung, larger-than-life, and a born-again drunk." Meanwhile, Bono "Arno" is a secretly bisexual rock-star composer who's cheating on his wife.

The tenth season of Law & Order: Criminal Intent premieres on May 1 on the USA Network.

[Via Deadline]