As the world turns and Libya burns, you'd think that the country's leader, Muammar al-Gaddafi, would have other things on his mind than his wardrobe—but you'd be wrong.

Horacio Silva of the New York Times recently received an utterly bizarre letter from a member of Libya's Culture and Ethnic Affairs office, asking if he would like to come visit Tripoli to see Gaddafi's stockpile of cool Cobra Commander clothing. It seems that the "dear leader" is worried that the world will forget about his infamously colorful clothes. (His cronies say the late, great Michael Jackson "copied the signature motif military style of our leader to great chart success on his own terms.")

The thought is that if Mr. Silva were to visit Libya, he might be able to convince New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art to curate "a stylish retrospective of his fashion highlights" in the Costume Institute.

Libya's Internet isn't turned off yet, so while he waits for the Times to mull it over, the good ol' Colonel should just check out Complex's tribute to Gaddafi's despot style. Nice to know you check in with us regularly, Muammar.

[via New York Times]

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