Oh, sweet Mileena. With that fetching surgical mask, we always mistake you for a sexy doctor who's built like a brick house and enjoys wearing revealing outfits around the hospital. But then someone like Sub-Zero or Johnny Cage comes along, and you turn into that terrifying killer who throws supercharged sais and threatens to bite our head off. Which is cool; we're into the whole sub-dom thing. Just remember: our safeword is "coriander."

Yeah, so Mortal Kombat has gone gold, (in the "finished and shipped" sense, not in the "Def Jam bought 500,000 copies" sense) and to drum up even more anticipation celebrate—that as well as the game's impending April 19 release—NetherRealm dropped a few new screenshots set in the Living Forest and what we assume is the actual in-game NetherRealm. Though we could be wrong. It's happened before! Especially when the people who send us the screenshots don't bother to tell us. Thanks, guys.