A Montana judge named Robert E. Lee (of all things) who has been chosen to help operate a new DUI court has now been charged with driving under the influence himself. From the sound of it, he was way, way under. Here's what the AP says happened:

Lee is charged with driving to the Butte-Silver Bow County Courthouse on Nov. 13 while under the influence of methadone, a synthetic narcotic used to relieve pain or prevent withdrawal symptoms from drug addiction.

He was knocking on the window of the police station that Saturday morning asking officers to let him into the courthouse because he had a wedding to perform, police said. Lee appeared confused and under the influence of alcohol or drugs, officers said.

The officers said Lee told them he drove to the courthouse and police found his vehicle parked in a handicapped zone. Court records said his driver's license and some credit cards were found on the ground outside the courthouse.

Apparently Lee performed "poorly" on a field sobriety test, which, duh. He was only just charged, though, and the cops are offering no explanation as to why that's happening now, instead of back in November.

[via Associated Press]