Do you know what today is? OK, yes, it's April Fools, but besides that?  It’s the first day of the MLB 2K11 Million Dollar Perfect Game Challenge.  Be the first person to pitch a perfect game and become an instant millionaire! Sounds easy, right? Yeah, not so much. In fact, if you’re thinking of trying it, you need to check out the mile-long list of rules and conditions that 2K Sports has posted.

First of all, if you live in Arizona, Connecticut, Maryland, North Dakota or Vermont, you can’t even participate for some unknown reason.  Entrants must also play in the MLB Today mode and use the default starter pitchers for any of the games scheduled for that day.  You can’t pause the game or be inactive for more than a minute or you’ll be disqualified.  You must also record—in high quality—the entire game starting at least five seconds prior to you turning on your TV and console. There must be dozens of poor boneheads out there who think they’ve just become a millionaire only to get disqualified over some minuscule oversight. We salute you, 2K Sports, as you take the hopes and dreams of children everywhere and dash them on the rocks of despair! [via Pastapadre]