WHAT: Hollandaise sauce
WHERE: L’Academie Brossard, Montreal
WHEN: Sunday (April 17), 2 p.m.
This past Sunday I went to a baby baptism and we celebrated the occasion afterwards at the L’Academie restaurant. The name is French for "academy," and they employ students who are still learning to cook. I think it's a pretty interesting concept, especially because every meal is student made. I think some people are a bit apprehensive even because the food is not always consistent. I ordered the Eggs Benny and it was amazing! They prepared the Benny a little differently than most places; they layer the cheese among the ham and eggs. Their hollandaise sauce was pretty incredible. It's BYOB, so someone gave us this bottle of Moscato. I’ve never had it before, but it was very good. I guess Drake knows what he is talking about.