A 48-year-old unidentified man got himself into a sticky situation in a toilet inside a Walmart, last week. CNN is reporting that the man went to use the bathroom inside the Walmart in Elkton, Md., and after completing his duties, the man found that he couldn't get up. Literally. someone had covered the toilet seat with glue as a prank (it was March 31, the day before April Fools' Day).

It took authorities 15 minutes to remove the man from the stall. However, they still weren’t able to remove the actual seat from his ass, so they had to take him to a local hospital where they were able to eventually get it off.

The man had only minor physical injuries; however, we can confirm that he nearly died of embarrassment.

Police are still looking for the prankster, and, if found, he or she could be charged with second-degree assault.

[via CNN]