More remains have been found on a remote Long Island beach, bringing the total number of victims of a possible serial killer to as many as 10. That's scary, as is the notion that the killer may be an ex-cop. And still, the New York Post can't give us a good nickname for this (possible) maniac.

A detective told ABC why he thinks the killer could be an ex-cop:

The possibility that the killer could be a former law enforcement official or other person with knowledge of law enforcement techniques is being considered based on evidence that the suspect may understand investigators' procedures, [police] said.


"[The killer] could be law enforcement, could be a civil servant, could be a code enforcement person, could be a building inspector, could be a postman...or it could be anyone who knows the area quite well," former New York Police Department detective Wally Zeins told ABC News.

All that comes as Amanda Barthelemy, the sister of victim Melissa Barthelemy, said she received a "taunting and very angry" phone call from someone who said he was the killer. This is shaping up to be a real-life horror flick. Working title: The Bad Lieutenant. Hey, at least we're making an effort.

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