The legendary British post-punk group are in their fourth decade now, having taken various breaks to focus on solo work at several points in their career. Known as champions of the artier side of '70s punk rock, their first three LPs —Pink Flag, Chairs Missing, аnd 154— are groundbreaking, visceral and disarming examples of the possibilities available within one genre, from 90-second screamers to icy abstract soundscapes.

Their work in the '80s and '90s fused these elements in service of a great pop sensibility, but the EPs and albums they have released since their most recent reunion in 2000 have been terse and blunt, emphasizing speed and distortion. Far from a cash-in tour, this US stint is promoting their newest, Red Barked Tree, and an intimate space like the downstairs room at The Middle East is a great spot to catch them. -Finn Cohen

Sunday, April 3
8 p.m.
The Middle East (downstairs)
480 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge
Tickets $20