As the one-liner, take my wife, please, strain of American comedy evolved over the past five decades, Neil Hamburger has been one of the few to push the genre in a new direction. In Hamburger’s hands, highly offensive material becomes a vaudeville experience. His show is truly one of a kind: donning thick black glasses, a dirty tuxedo, and a disgusting amount of pomade, Hamburger coughs, snorts, and chortles his way through his sets, juggling three or four drinks and а microphone while dropping some timely burns on a variety of celebrities.

“What's the difference between Courtney Love and the American flag?” goes one of his trademark back-and-forth exchanges. “It would be wrong to urinate on the American flag,” goes the punchline. While not for every audience, Hamburger does have a loyal following, ever willing to see what new ways he has to make us cringe. He appears in Pittsburgh with fellow comedians Todd Barry and Brendon Walsh. -Finn Cohen

Neil Hamburger
Saturday, April 9
10 p.m.
The Smiling Moose
1306 East Carson St, Pittsburgh
Tickets $20