Well, that was quick. Just last week Lindsay Lohan was appearing at a press conference for the new John Gotti biopic, Gotti: Three Generations. Even though nothing was announced, her appearance all but confirmed that she would play the Dapper Don's daughter, Victoria Gotti. Now, she is reportedly out.

Marc Fiore, the producer of the gangster biopic, told People magazine, "She is no longer being considered. The talks have stopped. We are going to meet with other people [for the role]." Fiore did not give a reason on why they gave up on Ms. Lohan. All he said was "her legal case has nothing to do with it. We just couldn't reach terms."

Also being confirmed by People is that Nick Cassavetes will not be the movie's director due to scheduling difficulties. And in even more distressing news, it looks like John Travolta is still on to play John Gotti himself. Bummer.

[via People]