If you’ve been holding out on the 3DS because you’re waiting for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, the wait is over…kinda.  We have a release date now for the highly-anticipated rerelease of what many believe is the best Zelda game to date: June 19 (June 17 in Europe). Remastered graphics (as well as some other rumored surprises) await!

In other Nintendo news, a sequel for Wii Play has been announced for June 13. Titled Wii Play Motion, the mini-game follow-up will include the newer version of the Wii Remote Plus that has the MotionPlus adapter built into the standard-sized controller. So it's looking like June is a good month to reach in your pocket and dig out your Wii—yeah, that just sounds filthy. [via IGN]