These things are wont to happen, and now they have again. Happened, we mean. 31 of the 40 achievements and trophies for L.A. Noire have been leaked (and by "leaked" we mean "released by Rockstar Games in order to give gamers some additional sense of what the game entails, since that's what's generally done a month or so before a game comes out"). And thankfully, it's not all "interrogate bloodlessly" this and "enjoy a doughnut without harrassing an innocent nonwhite pedestrian" that.

There's plenty of violence mixed in there too! And driving lots of cars! And racking up $47,000 in fines while working a single case! OK, that last one sounds like a lot. 47 grand in 1947 dollars? That's gotta be almost equivalent to Kanye's classical-musicians-in-pristine-white-robes budget for his SNL appearances. Anyway, head over to Rockstar's site and take a look. If you don't like every single one of them, we'll give you a free copy of the game. Really! No, not really. You really have to stop taking us so seriously. [via Rockstar Games]