With her movie career having hit the skids it appears that Katherine Heigl has admitted defeat and headed back for the friendly confines of television. The former Grey's Anatomy Emmy winner will produce and star in The Knitting Circle for HBO.

Based on the bestselling novel by Ann Hood, Circle follows a mother mourning the death of her daughter, who joins a sewing circle as a way to bring herself back from the brink. It sounds perfectly melodramatic, maudlin and overwrought—which is perfect for Heigl, especially since she did her best work on the melodramatic, maudlin and overwrought Grey's Anatomy.

Also good news: If The Knitting Circle means that we're through with having to see Heigl smirk back at us on some movie poster for the worst rom-com imaginable, then hopefully HBO picks it up for a full episode commitment, post-haste.

[via Deadline]