Photo by Reed R. Radcliffe

310 South Front St.
Memphis, Tenn. 38103

"This is a Memphis landmark, and among fried chicken connoisseurs it needs no introduction. The key to Gus's is the seasoning—phrases like "perfect," "just the right amount of spicy" and "they nailed that shit" get thrown around whenever we stop here. This is where we celebrate special occasions, like Band Date Night. You can't really change the spiciness gradient—just pick white meat or dark; wings, breast or thigh, and all of it comes out the same way, with same heat—perfect goddamn chicken all day long.

"As a vegetarian, I go for the fried rice, which is more of a soul food take on the dish, with enough hot sauce that you can physically feel the lining of your stomach being peeled off...but you can't stop eating it. (Your stomach settles up with you later.) The potato salad, with the distinct taste of honey, is a favorite, and the baked beans."