Photo by Andrew Reilly

Taqueria Esperanza
100-200 Pickle Rd
Austin, Texas 78704

"The best food in Austin comes from the carts. There are seemingly hundreds of them, serving everything from brisket to crepes. Some roam the streets like New Age ice-cream men, but most have fixed addresses in small cart congregations in parking lots spread out across the city. The names range from double-entendres (Evil Weiner, Love Balls Bus, Mrs. P's Electric Cock) to probably double-entendres (Sushi Box, Ugly Banjos). Wherever, whenever and whatever you're hungry for, there will be someone with tattoos serving the best version of it you've ever had somewhere in Austin.

"Our favorite cart is a little off the beaten path. Taqueria Esperanza lives in the parking lot of a drive-thru beer store on South Congress, about three or four miles outside of town. A local took us there after one of our shows, and we've made it a point to come back every time we're in town. There's always the same guy working there, spooning meat out of big metal pots into tortillas. The consensus is that the barbacoa tacos rank somewhere just north of winning the lottery. Pick up a drive-by case of Shiner Bock and go watch the bats."