Must-Have Hidden Gem iPad Games

The iPad has tens of thousands of applications available for download, which means that there are many games that simply go unnoticed. For every Angry Birds, there's X-Plane 9 ($9.99), a game that allows you to take control of real birds in the sky and fly around with realistic controls.

If old-school arcade games are more your speed, check out War Pinball HD ($2.99), which features classic pinball action on war movie-themed levels like Platoon, Missing in Action, and Navy Seals.

Plants vs. Zombies is one of our favorite games, but we can only take so much undead brain busting. Tapper World Tour HD ($2.99) is a similar “assembly line” tower-defense-type game, pitting you—a one-man army of a bartender—against a horde of incoming patrons in need of some sudsy thirst-quenching.

Collision Effect ($0.99) takes its cues from predecessors like geoSpark and adds in a layer of crackish addictiveness, challenging you to solve puzzles by exploding similarly colored orbs in timed succession.

And, our final pick: Land-a Panda ($1.99) combines the barrel-blasting fun found in Donkey Kong Country with cute, exploding, bi-polar pandas in a strategy-based timing game. Need we say more?