In early March, Apple unveiled the latest version of their “magical” mobile device, the iPad 2. It’s selling so well, even fake replicas of the device burned to honor deceased Malaysians are in short supply. (Yes, you read that last sentence correctly.) While the device has been given some sweet new features—including beefed-up cameras, speakers and a sleeker design—the souped-up internals have given it the ability to handle an extraordinary amount of graphics for more impressive gaming experiences while on the go. Needless to say, this has created a cottage industry of sorts for accessory developers, with products falling into the Novel, Useful, and Utterly Ridiculous categories. We went on a mission to make an iPad 2 gaming rig to rule them all, and all we got was this stinkin' article. Which is actually quite informative, we just tend to be hard on ourselves.

By Troy Mounis