For some time, memory sticks have been one of the more antiquated technologies that we’ve been reliant upon for use with our cutting-edge devices, from smartphones to HD-ready DSLRs.

Take the latter for instance. Footage is shot and stored on a card. Then, via a card reader and (most likely) a USB connection, that footage is logged onto a computer. In between, there’s always a chance of footage being lost if a card is mistakenly wiped or worse, disappears.

An Internet-equipped card, such as Eye-Fi’s new Mobile X2, would surely minimize that risk and reduce much hassle. The cards connect your camera directly to your computer or other device—smartphone, tablet, etc.—by creating an ad hoc network, therein rendering a wireless network unnecessary while enabling instant, on-the-go transfers.

The first 8GB model is out later this week for a reasonable $80. Hopefully, bigger storage solutions will soon be in the cards.—Devin Chanda

[via Gizmodo]