A  thief is on the run in Georgia after stealing $150 from two girls who needed to be brought down a peg. The girls were selling lemonade to raise money for one of their cousins who was suffering from an intestinal disease, and the stand had been doing well. Too well.

If you ever sold lemonade as a child, did you ever net more than $20? No, you did not. But these two were well on their way to the cost of an Xbox 360 (but nowhere near the cost of intestinal disease treatment) when a man and woman stepped in to halt the kids' business plans.

Per the Associated Press/NBC:

Houston County Sheriff's Lt. Jon Holland said Monday that a man and woman approached the girls Saturday and the man snatched the money jar from a 13-year-old girl.

Authorities told WMAZ-TV that a 21-year-old woman was subsequently arrested and deputies are seeking a male suspect.

Our advice to the local PD: Check the nearest Toys 'R' Us.

[Via Associated Press/NBC]