Fear not, comic fans. If you weren't able to attend this weekend's WonderCon, a preview to ComicCom, we've got you covered. As film directors and stars entertained attendees with first-look footage from this summer's upcoming blockbusters, you get a free chance to peep a four-minute excerpt of some high-def footage of Green Lantern starring Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan.

The film also stars Blake Lively (The Town), Mark Strong (Robin Hood), Angela Bassett (Jumping The Broom), and Peter Sarsgaard (An Education). Geeks beware: There are a few spoilers in here, but by far, this is one of those films that will give you a nerdgasm. The footage follows Hal Jordan (Reynolds), a test pilot and the first human to become a ring-wearing crime-fighter, on his journey from Earth to Oa—home to the Green Lantern Corps. The clip's amusing images show Jordan taking the oath and being jettisoned through space to stand alongside a legion of alien creatures, including the beak-faced Tomar-Re (voiced by Geoffrey Rush) and the poozer pounder Kilowog.

You may have your complaints about the CGI suits, not being able to "gasm" over Blake Lively's brief appearance in the clip, and possibly more—but the effects work they did on Parallax is amazing. You can even see Sarsgaard's transformation into the wow-worthy supervillain Hector Hammond, whose futuristic brain powers is used for evil.

Enough jib-jab from us. Press play a few times and amaze your friends with this first look at Martin Campbell's live action version of Green Lantern, which shines its light in 3D on June 17.

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