F. Gary Gray, director of the upcoming Kane and Lynch video game-to-film adaptation, wants to bring Frank Matthews' street-lit novel Respect The Jux to the small screen. The NYC-based writer's self-published tale of Cat, an ambitious Jamaican mastermind of a New York robbery ring, is reportedly based on true events that he experienced "within two degrees of separation." (The novel was later picked up by publishing house Simon and Schuster.)

According to a recent XXL interview with Matthews, he and Gray, who acquired the rights the the novel last year, are pitching the project to the cable networks Showtime, Starz, and HBO. They plan to turn it into a television series, then a major motion picture directed by Gray.

Now if only we could spring Avon Barksdale from the bing to get The Wire into theaters, then the hood could say it's made a come-up.